Cybernetics: "The involvement of human expression through electrical-mechanical means."

In 1954, Narducci began experimenting with "painting with sound", using reel-to-reel tape compositions he composed from self-made sounds, organic sounds recorded from nature, and sounds recorded from the environment. He composed "Sacra Mantra" during this period.

In the late 1950s, Narducci designed his own video-synthesizer -- made up of scrounged parts from a TV-FM sweep generator and marker, an Emerson color TV, and silicon cells -- which he attached to an old camera placed on a fire escape outside his kitchen window, facing toward the sun.

Narducci captured photon energy from direct sunlight to create his cybernetic paintings. His canvas was a round oscilloscope wired to the camera. He created individual cybernetic paintings that he photographed, and he also produced pieces of sculpture that were inspired by his paintings. Shown here are pages taken from his cybernetic notebooks. (Click to enlarge.)

Based upon one of his cybernetic paintings entitled "Three Cosmic Women" . . .

he sculpted a six foot plaster of Paris statue called "Cosmic Woman", which was wired for sound from the sun's energy source.

Narducci's cybernetic works continued into the 1960's and 1970's.

His abstract expressionism and quintessential aesthetics continued until his death in 1999.