Early Works
In the early 1940's Narducci converted from classical work to abstract expressionism after hearing Russian composer Igor Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" Opus. Narducci was a founding member of the abstract expressionist movement whose work was respected by his colleagues. Narducci turned down requests to exhibit, and instead chose to continue painting, his work hidden from the public until after his death in 1999.
Special Works
From the 1950's on, Narducci spent over three decades involved with his cybernetic art. He created audio compositions. He sculpted and created paintings made from photons of captured sunlight. And he continued with abstract expressionism in oil and acrylics until 1985.
Later Works
The inner landscape of outer space! Narducci broke through in 1985 to his life-long goal of finding a way to enter nature from the back door. He called his new technique quintessential aesthetics.